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About Robert J. Jacobs Immigration Law, PLLC

Robert Jacobs is a top Immigration Lawyer in Gainesville Florida and has been practicing Immigration law in Gainesville, Florida since 1997.   In 2014, he sold his previous firm and has opened up a new and
smaller practice to focus on selected immigration topics.

Things you should know about Robert Jacobs:

  • He has been involved in U.S. immigration law since 1988 and has been
    overseeing his own firm in Gainesville, Florida since 1997.
  • He has had a long commitment to helping immigrants come to America to
    share in America’s bounty and freedoms.
  • He has been practicing meditation for over 40 years. He lived and studied
    in an ashram in India for four years. His spiritual practices are an essential
    part of his life and play a large role in how he views the world and his work.
  • He has a great family. His wife Patricia holds a Ph.D. in Education and is
    an expert in digital literacy for children and in college planning for high school students and their parents. She shares Robert’s commitment to
    spiritual values and tries to incorporate these values into everyday life –
    no easy task!
  • His daughter Anna is taking a gap year before she starts college at Smith
    College in Northampton, Mass. She is currently in Melbourne, Australia
    performing service for an ashram there and having a great time!
  • His son Jonathan is highly gifted in math and lacrosse. He’s in his last
    year of high school and will be attending Olin College of Engineering, outside of Boston, in the fall of 2015.
  • He loves music and has been playing guitar since age 14.

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