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Harsh immigration policies under Trump administration

Under the Trump administration, immigrants in the United States are facing an unprecedented wave of bigotry and horror that is contrary to the core values of the United States. In certain cases, these policies violate international law. Most recently, he has separated immigrant children from their families, detained asylum seekers indefinitely, created harsh new guidelines for asylum that contradict long held legal precedent, questioned the right of immigrants to have due process under our laws and banned immigrants from several Muslim countries from entering the U.S. In addition, his policies have significantly decreased the number of visas issued to legal immigrants. I urge any U.S. citizen reading this page to take action against these policies. First, vote against any congressman or woman who supports the Trump policies. Secondly, I encourage you to exercise your first amendment right to criticize these policies in your most effective and creative manner. There were not many in Nazi Germany who had the courage to confront what Hitler was doing. This is American and Trump will not have it so easy.

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